The Possibility of Augmented Sentience
in a Mixed Reality Field

Synthesizing Technology with Consciousness
as an Art Form interfacing the Biosphere

A Connectivist Biopunk Manifesto

The connectivist biopunk as a technoetic artist acknowledges the biosphere of organic life as a field of exploration for the aim of higher consciousness.

Context and Aim

The essence of this work I believe has profound implications and importance for Organic Life on Earth. Most of my recent work deals with frequencies, the invisible environment, dark matter, inquiry into holography in spatial imaging as well as the universe, the immaterial and void, as well as the Essence or Spirit. The following is the current stance of my work in which scientific and esoteric knowledge overlap. My study of certain doctrines and literary academic pursuits merge in this work.

In context of being a student of the New Media of Image Arts, the aim is to provide a theoretical online introduction to the interdisciplinary discourse between the parallels of the organics of biological processes and the synthetics of computational systems. The nature of the subject of biophotonic fields is holographic, from the pictorial sensibility we can use to describe it.

This work stems from telematic art practice studied in class and the connectivist biopunk proposes its use to create a vocabulary for the biological systems it mimics. A summary of ongoing work is presented and a forum is opened for discussion.

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Essential Literature

Jeremy Narby's book "The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge" (1998) first introduced me to the ideas of DNA communication. Later, "The Language of New Media" (2001) by Lev Manovich enabled me to begin articulating the possibilities of digital media. In a Networking and Interactivity class I had acquired the collection of essays and works by Roy Ascott, published under the title "Telematic Embrace: Visionary Theories of Art, Technology and Consciousness" (2003). Roy Ascott's article "When the Jaguar lies down with the Lamb: speculations on the post-biological culture" is essential background reading material for this work. While writing this abstract, an essay written by Ascott (published earlier this year in Leonardo) was found to contain most of the general ideas in alignment with the ideas of the connectivist biopunk. It is titled "Technoetic Pathways toward the Spiritual in Art: A transdisciplinary Perspective on Connectedness, Coherence and Consciousness" (2004 / 2006). Currently, the work of contemporary artist Marie-Jeanne Musiol and her images of the energy fields of leaves I find fascinating.

Many PDFs are available from M.I.T.'s MindLab concerning research in Augmented Reality and Mobile Infospheres at Browsing their public documents in the Artificial Intelligence Lab and Spatial Imaging Group is also recommended. There exists a plethora of network artists to explore at Books on biophotons have been published and their reviews can be found here: Biophotons - Light in Our Cells.

Of non-academic sources, Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf are prominent figures who pop up online when searching for biophotons. Their work is summarized in a rather amusing translation circulating under the title: "Is DNA Hyper-Communication a native internet?". Other articles include origins of different knowledge circles, for example Soluntra King's "RA Light and Liquid Light Transmission of DNA" and "Chrisalis 8" from Ascension Alchemy.

For extensive bibliographies of biophysics literature see: International Institute of Biophysics, and the Research Forum at Life Sciences at UCSB.

Biological Transceiver

DNA contains many types of instructions derived from an alphabet of four amino acids labelled G, T, C and A. Their different combinations account for everything from different tissues and organs to different species. At ten atoms wide, the data inside DNA contains combinations of information that make all the species to have ever existed on earth, thus containing more information than any known storage device.

Nevertheless, only three percent of the full length of code that makes up a human is considered as having a function. The rest is composed of lengths of repeated instructions hundreds of thousands of times over. A repeated code creates an up/down wave/vibration which is a stable signal and its coherent nature can be tuned to with any field at the same vibration. Thus, the available frequencies of a DNA-based cellular organism depend on the length of coiling of such repeat sequences. These repeating patterns are an example of a stable signal in the same way that a radio station transmits at a certain frequency. As well, all our electronic devices have quartz used to build clock microchips to keep times precise.

If DNA consisted of only transceiver codes, the connectivist biopunk proposes that cellular beings would not have physical bodies but would continue to exist as energy fields capable of being within the mesh of entrained, attuned and concrescing energies.

Biophotonic DNA Transceiver Network

From scientific observation, inside every organic molecule there is a cell which contains a nucleus with DNA. Certain functions of our being activate this DNA as a transceiver (transmitter and receiver) of light. The process of interaction of organic life on earth is conducted with this light. This system of energy in the form of light is the connectivity of all living things. This rhizome of light originates out of a knowledge beyond our own and has not changed for millennia. Beyond this paper - but interestingly - some researchers speculate that grammars of human languages arise out of the energy patterns of DNA code structures.

Biophotons are weak electromagnetic waves around the optical range of the spectrum at amplitudes of 200nm - 800nm (nanometers) and sometimes beyond. Thus, DNA molecules in action form a live medium of spatial fields of energy - some at weakly visible parts of the spectrum. Most importantly, the existence of such fields in flux makes it a language of energies. Organic structures have been observed to exchange light - as a possible communication mechanism, and they have been observed to leave traces of light behind - an organic imprint of their presence.

The connectivist biopunk proposes the research and development of Mixed Reality technologies to render visible the invisible processes of this biological information structure.

Living Light Medium as Health

Natural transmission of light, as a semiosphere for conscious understanding has the potential to create new meaning out of biological being.

As a network structure, the dynamic web of light forms a Light Rhizome of all living cells. The connectivist biopunk identifies this biological communications network as the possibility of an inter-species internet and an inner-species intranet. This can be extrapolated to include communication beyond life on Earth, where DNA may exist.

"Aura" is a term for light bodies represented in cultures around the world for centuries. It is the halo in Christian Art, flames around the heads of prophets in Muslim Art, the prana in Indian Yoga. This aura is more than the electromagnetic fields or temperature changes surrounding an organism. Meditative techniques open up the possibilities of understanding auras and intaking light by interacting with space in our immediate surroundings. The connectivist biopunk sees the aura as an interface for interaction with and within the Light Rhizome.

Light is associated with holiness, learning, enlightenment, the element of fire and the sun. Light energy from the sun has not only the power to aide our perception of spatial surroundings but the power to energize order and regulation our own being. This is manifested as a feeling of vitality and well-being.

Similar to the sun, as a health field, the Light Rhizome surrounds the organism to maintain its structure and produce optimal conditions for the entire system. The light of cellular bodies enables a sentience of the whole biological sphere. A proper order within the body enables flow of information in cellular communication. Lack of energy and blockages are signs of disturbance in this information flow. Any disease can be interpreted as a manifestation of a loss of information and communication with the light network. Martha Graham (avant-garde dancer) taught how spirit is reflected in the physical body and a healthy glow occurs due to energy which is able to shine through the body.

The benefits of communication with light energy may be proven by the practice of PRANA - yogic chakra energies (India), CHI - acupuncture and tai-chi (China) and reiki (Japan). These would include: promoting healing, cleansing toxins, aiding release of stress, emotional and spiritual balance of body, releasing blockages, relief of pains and irritations, sharpening of intuition and clarity (telepathy and telekinesis).

The connectivist biopunk recognizes that clairvoyance is an expression of conscious interaction within the Light Rhizome.

To emphasize the importance of the aim of the connectivist biopunk we use an example of combining knowledge of different orders. Certain knowledge proves that disease may show up in the Light Rhizome before it shows up physically. Other knowledge includes the speculation that cancer originates and may be solved at the level of DNA. Being in tune with our extensions into the light field of DNA we become understanding of the world in ways leading to higher consciousness and the possibility of healing of even cancers.

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