Welcome. This is my quirky spot on the pop interweb. Do you have one? The work is multidisciplinary and therefore spans many fields. Research and experience includes the development of human subconscious potential described in parapsychology and the evidence for transluminal extra-terrestrial spacecraft described in ongoing global disclosures. Since 2007, a primary focus has been the intelligent balance of science and spirituality. Today I feel this work is calling me to participate in the innovative frontiers of "blockchain technologies", those which meet the consensus of universal singularity. In other words, my question is how can I live within the open world brought forth by the disclosures of reality as it is? There are ongoing disclosures in psychology (spiritual healing arts), energy and propulsion systems (extaterrestrial vehicles), and computer sciences (open-source decentralization) to name a few. As an independent researcher, I am trying to understand how DLT and the IoT of autonomous agency may be leveraged to make it possible for humanity to continue on its path towards a harmonious development of advanced technologies which eventually may enable interstellar travel. I'm currently researching the metaphysics of the cyber security threat landscape in the Bitcoin blockchain movement because I find that the term "ecosystem" is misleading in terms of its relation to the natural environment, and that my own human rights are at risk as the general civilized paradigm begins to confront my personal tolerance of the lack of privacy, security and inclusion. There is also a call I am hearing regarding the connection of human empathy to the rapid rise of Deep Artificial Intelligence, especially in the overburdened legal fintech sector. The domain "meshcode" acknowledges the path of a moist and cybernetic coherence of clarity resolving at live consensus: an infinite event horizon in which human beings and their technologies are extensions of each other in the life of a thriving landscape on Earth and beyond. Raw and imaginal is the land of both creative and destructive discovery and innovation. Perhaps the direct personal experience of both evolution and involution can serve as a guidance.

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The abundance and magnificence of life on Earth in all its forms;
The truth regarding humanity, and technologies, must be continually disclosed;
By profoundly understanding oneself, one may understand technology, and thus human interaction with computers and machines at a deeper level.

I believe in businesses and technologies which add value to harmony on the planet.

Evolving psychological breakthroughs such as open-sourcing (which enabled people to co-create cryptographically secure peer-to-peer distributed ledger technologies) may serve as further guidance for resolving global challenges in need of attention;
Global situations in need of attention are wars, poverty, environmental pollution, and the emergence of artificial intelligence.

People can be responsible enough to carry through the required transformations which can align business and technologies towards harmony on the planet;
People can be responsible for their own finances through unbanking and thus by claiming their own financial sovereignty;
People can be responsible for managing their identities and for taking care of their private information in a secure manner.

Economic inclusion of people who choose to participate in society yet remain outside of boundary thresholds set by centralized financial stakeholders;
People are free to decide on the management of their privacy, identity, security and inclusion;
Peace of mind for those who align themselves towards lifestyles which are sustainable for all beings on the planet.

I develop solutions for transparent open-source technologies to emerge where there is a need.

I am in the business of documenting successful transformative blockchain solutions for industries big and small.




The above featured meshing animation is a simplified visual analogy of the rich flowing interconnectedness of everything as one. The mathematical source code for this moving mesh of LIGHT-Points-and-Lines at various ENERGETIC-Powers is a simple piece of INFORMATION-in-flux set to repeat infinitely in cycles over time, always in integrity as itself. Such coherence is a fundamental aspect of the theory behind signal transceivance of organic (DNA) and synthetic (smartphones) network systems independent of time and space. Additionally, in a nodal mesh topology, each point would have open-ended interactive feedback and emergent evolutionary creative possibilities individually and as a collaborative collective. Node existence corresponds in the manifold-order through macro and micro levels and in between. The meshcode may be a pleasure to perceive visually, the author was originally inspired by a master coder's first published versions of Flash Actionscript mathematics which allowed for such creative animations to begin existing online in the early 2000's, while studying New Media at the School of Image Arts, at Ryerson University.

In relation to the philosophy and theory of certain mesoteric Healing Arts, "meshcode" is a term for 'The Field' which consists of structures and flow, thus itself being an axiatonal system. It is the pulsating interconnected source fabric of life, a metaconnective pattern of everything. This scientific point of view comes to the author naturally in rememberance of his great grandfather, Wacław Szpakowski - a finder and an artist-engineer, primarily focused on the life of one line.

This online domain is named "meshcode" because it is a node for sharing news serving the transceivant nature of the quality of paradigm shift felt necessary at the threshold of the possibility of the continuation of the sympathetic emergence of Humanity in relation to an ecologically sustainable growth of the planet Earth. The meshcode domain and motion graphics script have been iterating here since the spring of 2008.

As of the summer of 2017, the author is working with the Connectivist Collective, and The Sky is High Crowdfunding. The current direction pertains to the human solutions enabled by blockchain sciences in the niche field of open-source, distributed research and development of clean, fuel-less New Energy technologies which may include transitional prototypes sourcing electrical energy from the active vacuum, as per the wisdom of N. Tesla, C. Maxwell's open asymmetrical systems, and the line of transmission of teachers to this day such as Tom Bearden and Dr. Steven Greer.

An electronic and digital space for the exploration of the meaning of Life and Humanity as observed in the forms of the Actor and in the actual experiences of the technologies of the commonly perceived Internet. "Meshcode" is a unified outline of a group project serving the transceptive nature of the quality of paradigm shift felt necessary at the threshold of the possibility of the continuation of the sympathetic emergence of Humanity with the Ecological growth of the planet Earth. This is the central node of intentionally syndicated and hyperlinked "meshcode" content - harvested and cooked from encounters with World Traditions, from the theatre of Daily Life, Profession or Path, and from the fresh emergence and deep impact of Social New Media. At meshcode we begin with nothing at each step and move towards a deep investigation of what is possible.

We are compelled to source, experientially, the human condition as observed through teachings given to us in the Great Traditions, to verify the possibility of the evolution of human consciousness, to see our presence now, to struggle together with attention and a thirst for real self-knowledge, to be. We intend to share this in our Web identities by experimenting with emerging connective technologies of today.

In life, here and now, which for us in the meshcode group is the human Stage of downtown Toronto today, we include the INTERNET in our form of study. After years of its contemplation here, we have noticed the Internet as the single most important human invention lacking in any Serious study while gaining total ubiquity and absorption into common everyday life. Facebook has changed the way Toronto residents use their bodies in less than one year. For this reason, the Internet is thrice-timely: a remarkably wonderful "something" as well as a potentially terrifying "something" and it is also that "something" that it is.

The nature of city life amidst the deep ECOLOGICAL ENVIRONMENT within and without Humanity is in a questionable state. For one, why are the waters continually polluted? Who are we?

In this line, the Web of the Internet today is revolutionary. The Earth as a planet, as part of the complex ecosystem of our Selves is in need of such a revolution of a more conscious human connectivity. The hidden power of the rising trend of Social Web Applications and the mystery of shared online social emergence is part of the substance of work at meshcode. The other part is Being and the harmonious action of human beings in a deeper cosmological relationship with the planet.

The meshcode project began online in the summer of 2008. The roots run deep to an earlier time. "We" refers to those of us in the meshcode group who have at some point experienced a certain "nothing at all". This compels us towards an exploration of "everything". The word "meshcode" was developed to identify us online, where we transpose our work into a digital "mesh". It is a term derived from the words "mesh" and "code". A “mesh” is a type of relationship between points of concentration. In this case, the type of connection between elements which identifies the quality of relations is a mesh topology of devices perceptible to humans and used in common communication. A mesh is valuable because each node is connected to another in the network. This allows for dynamic and complex forms of transception to take place, even beyond human grasp. The current initial stage of "meshcode" presents only selected work of the founder, as the forces against others seem too great. The full word "meshcode" was "sourced" by the founder under circumstances of the possibility of the merging of many days of reflection on a single word which was seen as being able to conduct the charge of energy for this project.

The online aim of meshcode is to provide a practical glimpse into the possibilities of the Internet at this time. We are interested in the pulsation of the mesh of the Web of the Internet and of the Web of Life. We begin by learning observation, and begin with ourselves. For this we use, each on our own, a connection to true masters in a tradition or path. Next, we learn from the vehicle of theatre about how to act. Finally we observe the outer, our interest in the Internet. From there we develop our work online. Not everything on this site is common sense. Our approaches are not necessarily "nice" or "reasonable". Our intention is to display the boundaries in the limitations of our work capacity. We do not attempt to cover up a lack of understanding with rainbows of words. Our principal aim is to balance knowledge of our Selves within the contemporary world, with the advent of a semantic web. Learning itself may take new forms under such circumstances.

The core of our work is a need for awareness. Life compels us to investigate the human and practical meaning of New Media tools of the emerging World Wide Web. The work at meshcode can be seen in three subsections: Sourcing Origins, Developmental Projects and Current Forms. Their branches follow an order: Sourcing "I am", Development of Presence, Form of the Performer; Sourcing the Internet, Development of Identity, Form of the Social Web Sharer. The significant work of meshcode involves intentional striving towards understanding of ourselves (innerly, experiential) and of everything outside (outerly, experimental) and what emerges. The action may be called "sourcing" which means working towards the source, with the source, or away from the source or any combination. The source is analogous to the great mystery of human origin and existence. To create an understanding we must first study the language of the Self and then the language of the Internet. The experiential investigation at meshcode begins for each actor with the question "Who Am I?". The steps taken are those that may lead to an attentive encounter with oneself and one's Self.

Meshcode projects (the development aspect of the work) have their foundation in the sourcing (the experimental and experiential research) within the meshcode group. In order to observe the possibilities of harmonious existence, exploration is taken under the headings of Theatre and the Internet. As a vehicle, Theatre, when it touches our most profound inner experiences, can lead on the path of self-discovery, an active awakening. At this time, this struggle is providing enough fuel for tending a relationship with an influential current for us here today, in Toronto: the Internet. In a new sensitivity which may be developed by necessity for seeking new experiences of careful attentivity, we can begin to be a presence in the delicate, sacred, quivering pulse of the moment. Like a shimmering dewy spider-web during a sunny clearing after a rain storm, the Web of Life in a developed presence seems more closely related to its simulated, albeit just as real, Web of the Internet and its data flow. We begin with the body since this is where the most accessible sensitivity can develop. The human condition allows us to experience ourselves in and out of a deeper awareness. The state which allows for this sensing in our Self may be called dismemberment when we are disconnected and re-memberment when we are connected and present to the needs of our possible sensitivities.

We build online identities for the Web of the Internet. This is a study of electric and digital representations of ourselves and our Self. With an affinity towards the hacking community, we experiment by means of a highly attentive deconstruction and reconstruction process of Web experiences and technologies, noting their origins and conceptions, psychologically and otherwise. For example, we are equally interested in electricity and binary communication as we are interested in programming interactive social web applications. We develop APIs, mashups, wikis, web services, location-aware mobile social web applications, search engines, radio communications computing devices, nameless objects and impossible extrapolations.

The meshcode group welcomes people interested in these mentioned directions. A principal requirement in the nature of involvement with the group is an initiated presence, or simply an account dedicated to this project in a few personally relevant Social Web Applications. These are later aggregated for the emergent aspect of "meshcode", visible to those involved. When you sign up for an account on a public social network and wish to have this account connected to the work of meshcode, you are responsible for all your contacts who come in touch with meshcode. This is why a dedicated account is recommended, aside from a casual account: one that is relevant to the work being done here. It seems useful to have the same alias on all the sites. One of the aims of meshcode digitally is to do online that which is not being done, and this includes experimentation that may seem inappropriate under certain publicly-accessible contexts, always on the boundary of civil disobedience. Using a casual network for this reason is not even possible under certain circumstances. The initial stage of developing a "meshcode" identity on social networks is being run by the founder, 7he5kyIsHi6h.

Everyone involved is referred to as an Actor. Practically, that is an aim here, even if one is a professional actor. Currently the nature of this project revolves with Social Media Web Content Developers and Designers, and Actors of Film and Theatre.

With carefully developed online identities for the purpose of working together under the heading of "meshcode", the group members use new tools of the Emerging Social Web with care and a raised awareness of their possible significance today. This is for an aim aside from but inclusive of our professional and personal pursuits.


The following are example fragment selections of my inner visions which strive to communicate certain naturally occurring interconnections of DLT-related information from the wonders of the mind, some of which I believe may form new practical knowledge or at least add to sensible discourse in the field. With a certain renumerable frequency I am able to create, discover and unravel new information by means of channeling in this way. This is a source of great joy for me and I hope to collaborate wherever there is a call in a harmonious direction. Below is a page from my multidimensional thoughts (yellow lines) on the fundamental work of the Bitcoin blockchain movement. Next is a more recent philosophical concept which stresses the value of a people's intelligence mechanism which could select a corresponding distributed ledger technology based on the applied need.



In Person

Graduated from the acclaimed New Media program at Ryerson University in 2007. Worked for ten years in the busy Toronto film industry and the freelance design realm (2005-2013). Studied wireless telecommunications engineering for almost two years. On a self-guided learning path since 1998 in a few other disciplines which include downhill skiing.

I became interested in transposing my skills and experience towards ecologically sustainable initiatives ranging from natural building to permaculture. This also began my training in the healing arts as well as universal foundations such as pure meditation. I completed various off-grid work exchanges through organizations such as Helpx, Workaway and WWOOF in order to focus on the research of life outside of the ordinary system. I have also spent many years doing things and living a life many people are not able to imagine is possible.

At the moment I am excited by the emerging field of practical New Energy systems from beyond contemporary popular science. In 2015 I collaborated on shaping the first basic Fab Lab in my hometown of Wroclaw where I organized a group to test the Keshe Magravs Power Systems. I carefully studied the Quantum Energy Generator research and development in the years 2015-2016.

The nature of the energy sector and many other direct experiences are indicating that now is the time to deploy innovative blockchain solutions to assist in supporting the disclosure momentum. This is why I am learning to collaborte through code in the distributed ledger technologies sector. The aim is to develop solutions for people using stand-alone devices to be used for micromonetization.

Personally I am re-digitizing my identity and assets onto the corresponding new distributed ledgers. I have many lines of research and questions in this emergent field of the computer science breakthroughs from which the original Bitcoin has arisen.

Of those people who share my values I have found a common pressing challenge: the enigma of the source of electrical energy. Thus, new energy technologies have become my primary focus. Decentralization, a friend of distributed ledger technologies (DLT) enables the blockchain consensus mechanism to give people the next iteration of the internet, a step towards Value Technologies (VT), where value is transmitted as information is today (IT). consensus mechanisms are types of solutions which can enable new types of businesses to leverage open source collaboration towards the development of new energy technologies.

A notable portion of the distributed ledger technologies which Bitcoin is bringing to mass adoption has the potential to transform and disrupt they ways we consume energy. With its high volatility and questionable origins, the Bitcoin blockchain consensus mechanism which currently requires 30 TWh per year (thirty tera-watt hours), is enabling a new business paradigm which is expected to bring about research and development of new, clean, fuel-less energy sources. Until now, these sources have been kept within the confines of their secrecy – the suppression of existing New Energy solutions by macro-economic energy interests.

Bitcoin is a psychological and technological revolution run by people who are claiming financial sovereignty in order to transform the current daily operations of those in power – banks and energy interests – towards something sensible and sustainable. Of significance is the question of human psychology which defines how we put events into perspective: for example,who is talking about the old centralized data centres belonging to Google and IBM which are much larger than the decentralized Bitcoin mining operation? Bitcoin is the founding source, the parent of cryptocurrencies and it is being spoken about as if it were the only cryptocurrency. There are at least ten other major cryptocurrencies, and many open-source decentralized Financial Technologies projects each with market capitalizations in the hundreds of millions of dollars. They are working to solve the current global crisis in the banking and energy sectors.

By the power of attunement, and because I potentially have everything to loose, it has come upon me that the time is now to assist in the riskiest and most challenging global issue which links with others: the disclosure of truth regarding the source of electrical energy. My main project is the first and only decentralized niche crowdfunding platform for open source new energy technologies.

As a consultant for the deployment of Value Technologies in the decentralized ecosystem, I propose working on open source collaborative crowdfunding platforms. In a way, ICOs and tokens are an extension of this. In my investigations I also found that the live video streaming across the internet is a common missing organizational element, hence the people’s consensus Live show is here to help, in particular for any local initiatives I find myself working with.


"To assist in deploying businesses and technologies which add value to harmonious life on the planet."

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