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Mateusz Kujawski

Mateusz Kujawski

"To help people understand and deploy innovative blockchain solutions."

In order to feel good about living on this wonderful planet Earth, Mateusz is using his IT skills for the aim of helping people make life a little more relaxed, especially where there is a need for basic internet-based technological solutions. His personal project is a niche crowdfunding platform for new energy technologies which are open source: The Sky is High Crowdfunding.

Based on experience, Mateusz has a deep need to assist in the potential of the computer science breakthroughs of the blockchain revolution. After graduating from the acclaimed New Media program at Ryerson University (2007) and working for ten years in the busy Toronto film industry (2005-2013) he became interested in translating his skills and experience towards ecologically sustainable initiatives ranging from natural building to permaculture. This also began his training in the healing arts as well as traditional foundations such as meditation. He completed various off-grid work exchanges through organizations such as Helpx, Workaway and WWOOF in order to focus on researching the possibility of life outside of the ordinary system. Mateusz is excited by the emerging field of practical new energy systems beyond contemporary science. In 2015 he collaborated on shaping the first basic Fab Lab in his hometown of Wroclaw where he organized a group to test the popular Keshe Magravs Power Systems.

The nature of the energy sector and many other direct experiences have indicated that now is the time to deploy innovative blockchain solutions. This is why Mateusz is learning to write smart contracts for stand-alone devices to be used for micromonetization, while re-digitizing his identity footprint and digital goods on the blockchain. Mateusz has many areas of exploration and questions in this emergent field of the computer science breakthroughs behind the original Bitcoin.

Mateusz is currently on Malta where he plans to include his work within the European Capital of Culture Valletta 2018 programme and the local Fab Lab initiatives. His original "meshcode manifesto" from circa 2008 can be found here.

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